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How to cook the best steak (a little non-traditional)

Directions are for a rare/medium rare steak. Bake longer for more well done.
  1. Take a nice thick cut of steak. Salt and pepper the outside.
  2. BAKE it on a rack at low temperature, 275° at most or as low as 200° for best results. This will cook it through without browning it.
  3. Cook until the internal temperature is 125°. A 1 1/2" steak will take 45 minutes – 1 hour. Use a probe thermometer for accuracy.
  4. Let it rest. It will be rare all the way through here and sweaty on the outside. After 15 minutes, the internal temperature will be 135°.
  5. Hard sear it in a hot pan – oil is optional, but will sear best with no oil – for 1 minute per side.
This recipe gives a harder sear in a shorer time since the steak is warmer than room temperature (not cold) when searing, the surface is dry (moisture is the enemy in a good sear) and the proteins are now prime to brown. Since you rested the meat mid process, instead of at the end, it's ready to serve piping hot off the pan.
Based on a Fudehouse recipe.

Grassfed Beef Burgundy



Lightly coat the  grass fed steak with flour. Brown the meat, onions and garlic in olive oil. Remove the meat from pan and then make a "gravy" by adding the  wine and cream soup or sauce, stirring to mix. Season with salt and pepper. Return meat to pan. Cook 1-3 hours at UNDER 275 degrees in oven – I prefer it cooked for the least amount of time I can stand, and low - 200-225°  .

Great served over white, brown, or wild rice or even mashed potatoes. If you cook it in the crock pot, turn it to LOW.

My EASY Grassfed Beef Stroganoff



Melt the butter in pan – don’t turn up the heat too high – just melt it. Add beef to pan. When beef is browned, remove it from the pan. Don’t keep cooking it! Add the Olive oil to the pan. Add the onions, celery, garlic, mushrooms and sauté until onions are glazed and clear. Add the bouillon then the soups - stir to combine. Get it hot but not boiling. While you wait for the soups and veggies to turn into a gravy, drink some of that nice red wine.
Add sour cream and stir into a gravy. Don’t overcook. Add browned beef.
Add some wine to the pan if you like – or have another glass.
Cook this on low until it just simmers. You don’t want to overcook the meat – this isn’t a pot roast.
Serve over wide cooked egg noodles. Salt and pepper to taste (white pepper is wonderful on this.)